Marty Stratton Shares as a speaker and business coach

Speaker and Business Coach

Welcome to Marty Stratton Shares as  a speaker and business coach… where entrepreneurs and business leaders learn, grow with confidence and enjoy greater rewards!  Marty is an accomplished and respected speaker.  He shares insights with passion from over thirty years leading, serving and working in leadership roles building effective teams with impressive results.  He shares how marketing is “the business” and serving the customer is not just “someone else” responsibility… it is the purpose of every worker!
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     Real Experience:  Marty Stratton is an experienced business leader who has overcome the pressures of making payroll and being accountable to achieve P & L success.  The stories and methods he shares come from real life business experience; including the mistakes, frustrations and successes.  He learned valuable lessons working with great mentors who help shape his entrepreneur mindset.  Marty provides insights to move your career and business forward to achieve your goals.
Marty Stratton Shares comes from his experience working with business leaders in all types of industries and businesses.  He works with start-ups and some of the world’s largest companies, which includes Maytag Corporation and leading a diverse group of entrepreneur businesses.  He shares the successes as a business leader, an entrepreneur coach and marketing execution expert.  His ultimate goal is to support growth and development to turn your opportunities into a business legacy.

Marty focuses on developing customer opportunities through marketing alignment and building relationships for continued business growth.  He shares ways to accelerate your marketing efforts with improved employee engagement and aligning team for greater productivity to serve the customer.  Building your business team with a solid brand reputation or marketing a business brand, Marty Stratton’s insights provides the polish to make your business stand out.

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